Modernizations / Conversions

Conversions / Modernizations

We retrofit your cranes and modernize them comprehensively.

After modernization, of course, an acceptance is carried out by one of our crane experts authorized by the trade association.

Electrical modernization

  • Renewal of the entire control system
  • Retrofitting of radio remote controls incl. retrofitting of the necessary limit switches
  • Retrofitting to frequency inverter operation for lifting, cat and/or crane travel
  • Retrofitting of limit switches or overload fuses
  • Retrofitting of load indicators, also calibrated
  • Creating bypass controls
  • Position-dependent load monitoring
  • Modernization of control cabinets

Mechanical modernization / conversion

  • Refurbishment of head beams
  • Replacement of wheel blocks
  • Renewal of cats
  • Replacement of hoists
  • Retrofitting of cats with rotary movements
  • Retrofitting of electrically driven rotary hooks
  • Optimization of the max. hook height by the use of special cats
  • Payload increases, graded if necessary to reduce the load on the crane runway
  • Adaptation of the crane at the time of relocation