We deliver our cranes as a complete package. We hand them over ready and approved.

Bridge cranes

Bridge cranes work on a crane runway mounted in the hall construction or on a lifted crane runway. A version as a single- or two-beam bridge crane with a crane bridge in profile or box construction is feasible.

Hanging cranes

Suspension cranes are usually hung from the ceiling construction; the crane bridge runs below the crane runway.


Half-/ Full-portal cranes

A gantry crane travels on crane rails that are located at ground level. The crane bridge forms a portal with the two-sided supports, a fixed and a pendulum support on which the head beams are attached.

Swivel cranes


A swivel crane consists of a column with one or more booms at the upper end. The swivel area and thus the cranable surface can be adapted by the type and execution of the bearing of the column and the design of the boom according to the requirements.

Konsol-/wall-mounted cranes

A consol or wall runway crane operates on a side-mounted crane runway, in which the crane rails are arranged on top of each other.