Custom Installations

Special facilities

We supply our special systems as a complete package. We hand them over ready and approved.


  • Capacity: 1.5 t
  • Track gauge: 10.73 m
  • for the assembly of an industrial furnace with short cycle times


  • Capacity: 15 t
  • with safety bumper as personal protection






  • Capacity: 50 t
  • with rotary mechanism; Upper trolley damped over plate springs
  • for hot material up to 1,200°C
  • Battery operation (18 hours of operation between charges)
  • with 8 wheels to cross a rail crossing


  • Capacity: 100 t
  • for hot material up to 1,200°C
  • Upper trolley damped over plate springs


  • Capacity: 8 t
  • Track gauge: 4.5 m
  • for the transport of paper rolls
  • with hydraulic paper roll lifting device
  • fully automated control

Special lighting system

  • for positioning and alignment of lighting equipment in a crash test system

Testing system

  • Test facility for continuous vibration tests of offshore gas hoses

Enclosure for shredding plant

  • to protect the environment from flying parts from the operation of a steel shredder

Transportable train facility

  • Tension: 1.25 t
  • Anchoring in appropriate devices in the hall floor