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Full portal crane as a robot in plant research

Time-lapse video of the construction of the crane runway and the two-carrier full portal crane at the University of Arizona in Maricopa

  • Capacity: 2 t
  • Track gauge: 28 m
  • Crane length: 218 m (2018 extended to 405 m)

Full portal crane as a robot in plant research at the University of Arizona in Maricopa

Explanatory video of the research project

Video copyright: The Wall Street Journal

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  • up to 10 terabytes of data per day
  • fully automatic scan of the entire field 24/7

Two-rail running cat as a robot in a paper mill

The system is used for loading a cross-cutting system with full rollers and for the disposal of residual rollers in fully automatic operation

Video copyright: Dücker conveyor systems GmbH

  • Capacity: 5.7 t
  • Track gauge: 7.2 m

Two-beam bridge crane as casting crane

  • Load capacity main hoist: 50 t
  • Load-bearing capacity auxiliary lift: 12.5 t
  • Track gauge: 12.5 m
  • Main hoist in design for the transport of flammable masses

Traversing system with rotatable lifting tower as charging crane for a heat treatment plant

  • Capacity: 1.5 t
  • Track gauge: 10.73 m
  • the cycle time for the batch process by 3 m backwards and lowering 2.7 m into a polymer basin is ≤ 15 seconds

Half-portal crane with 2 running cats and vacuum grippers for the fully automatic handling of aluminium plates to be milled on both sides

  • Load capacity per cat 5 t – 2 t on the vacuum gripper
  • two vacuum grippers per cat can be swivelled by 90°
  • Aluminium plates are transferred in the air from one vacuum gripper to the other and turned
  • the maximum permissible deviation of the plate position after fully automatic turning and all driving movements is ≤ 10 mm with a plate size up to 2 m x 4 m

Two-beam bridge crane with camera-based load pendulum damping

  • Capacity: 16 t – 10 t to the magnets
  • Track gauge: 32 m
  • with rotary cat
  • the load pendulum attenuation works camera-based and is thus able to almost completely eliminate all load vibrations occurring from driving and turning as well as wind-induced loads

Two-rail running cat with pneumatic gripper

The system is used for the disposal of residual rollers on a cross-cutting system in fully automatic operation

  • Capacity: 300 kg
  • Track gauge: 1.9 m

Two-beam bridge crane and special load traverse with 17 arm pairs on 25.5 m length for automated handling of extrusion profiles in a water basin

  • Load capacity: 2.5 t in symmetrical distribution

Installation of a full portal crane

  • Capacity Total: 32 t
  • Load-bearing capacity main hoist: 32 t
  • Load-bearing capacity auxiliary lift: 5 t
  • Track gauge: 35.5 m
  • Total length: 60.3 m
  • Height: 31.2 m

Installation of a two-beam bridge crane

  • Capacity: 40 t
  • Track gauge: 13.5 m